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In 2016 20% of I&O organizations will incorporate IT self-service strategies.How to Cut Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction Through IT Self-Service

[fa icon="calendar"] May 10, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Oliver Ledoux

Oliver Ledoux


     As a client management tool vendor, one of the most surefire ways to a customer’s heart is by helping them to cut costs. It’s likely that a significant part of your offering has been built around this principle, and it’s even more likely that you’ll continue to keep your eyes open for new and innovative solutions to round out your package. In the age of self-service, and in the more recent wave of IT self-service, the big questions to be asking yourself include:


  • What’s missing from our product range that’s pr 
    esent elsewhere in customer self-service?
  • What kind of self-service product would best complement our existing solutions?
  • What would help our clients to reduce their costs even more?

     If “computer repair self-service solution” intrigues you as the appropriate response to any of the above questions, we invite you to explore why this type of product may be the right fit for you and your clientele.

     According to recent research conducted by Gartner, Inc. (that Softthinks, the parent company of Smart Key, is pleased to share with you in the below link) in 2016, 20% of infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations will incorporate consumer self-service practices into their IT self-service strategies, up from less than 5% in 2015.


Click here to Access the Gartner Survey !


     For resellers with a computer self-service solution in hand, or who are interested in obtaining one, the above statement is enough to generate considerable optimism heading into the future.

     Consumerization has generated a new breed of consumer: the business consumer. The business consumer behaves much like a typical consumer in terms of the choices he or she makes within the enterprise computing environment. The general aim of this type of consumer is to seek out computing tools which will aid them to improve personal and group efficiency. Self-service is the natural fit for this person as it’s what they’ve experienced and benefitted from in the consumer world for years.

     If efficiency is the aim, reduced workload and reduced costs are the natural byproduct. IT self-service has been of notable interest to IT leaders who have entered an era of increased pressure to optimize costs. Still, although the interest is there, surprisingly few organizations have successfully managed to design an IT self-service solution that satisfies the needs of the end user. Herein lies the opportunity for vendors who possess such solutions.

“The goal should be to make IT self-service the default support option and raise customer satisfaction at the same time.”

 Gartner, Inc., 2015

     What’s the big deal about self-service? Two points: cost-effectiveness and scalability. In 2013, the typical cost of an IT service desk (per agent-handled contact) was nearly $18. Although there are some costs to consider for setting up, maintaining, and administering an IT self-service portal, there is drastically less overhead to deal with and therefore lower associated costs. Moreover, web-based self-service solutions such as Smart Key, are easily scalable since they can provide 24/7 support.

     With everything that is made evident from the above concerning the cost-cutting potential of self-service IT solutions, the link to customer satisfaction is hardly a stretch. Recent studies by HubSpot, Zendesk, Gartner, Pewresearch, and more highlight an overwhelming message: consumers, and now business consumers, are more content to solve issues on their own. They enjoy the flexibility, the autonomy, and the efficiency of it. Whether or not they appreciate the cost it saves their company is inconsequential, though those who find themselves as participants in a virtuous circle generally make little complaint.

      So what is the big deal about self-service? More than just an inevitable trend, we can see it as a burgeoning shift in the way workplace’s organize their IT environments. Standing where we are now at the cusp of this wave, it is prime time to take into serious consideration how we will be apart of this culture. At Softthinks, creators of SmartKey, we’ve had the privilege of observing this shifting tide many years in advance. Thanks to over 15 years of working directly with leading consumer brands, developing both software and hardware recovery tools, we fell into the perfect position to modify our already proven technology to benefit end users in a self-service fashion. It may be a new idea, but it’s an idea whose roots go way back to the very foundation of where we have always excelled as a leading technology firm. Today, we’re proud to equip our vendors with the kind of computer recovery solution that will enable them to bring plenty of value to business clients eager to do it themselves!

     Going back and forth on the telephone with an IT expert may eventually get the job done, however this can be a laborious and frustrating process that does not always produce the desired result. The final alternative is to send the problem device to one’s company IT department, or to an off-site computer repair center. This, too, does not produce happy results, as no one enjoys being left without their technology, even for a number of hours let alone a number of days. Therefore, professionals today will expect their IT department to have a quick solution for them. Will they have it? That depends on whether or not you’ve already sold them Smart Key.

     To learn more about the subjects addressed in this post, Softthinks is pleased to make its 2015 Gartner survey available to the public.

Click here to Access the Gartner Survey !

     To learn more about how Smart Key is helping to push forward the IT self-service revolution, please visit our site or contact us directly.



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Oliver Ledoux

Written by Oliver Ledoux

Olivier Ledoux is Softthinks' CEO. Softthinks helps its customers – OEMS, PC Retailers and enterprises - reduce their IT support costs since 2000 through the use of leading edge technology - imaging, deployment, operating system repair, and backup & recovery – innovative approaches and an agile organization.

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